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As a Border Patrol Agent who worked more than 25 years in that service and who worked the Yakima Valley for six years and supervised the operation for another six, I can attest that I personally arrested hundreds of illegal aliens in the Yakima Valley during that stint, and that THOUSANDS were arrested by Agents during that same period.  MOST WERE CRIMINALS!

The Yakima Valley has a HIGH DENSITY of ALIENS ILLEGALLY in the United States compared to most other areas.  This is because of the agriculture produced here requires a lot of labor to produce and because farmers like you, Congressman Newhouse, have looked the other way so that your crops could get harvested as inexpensively as possible.  

So what is bad about a high concentration of illegal aliens?  What difference does that make? 

 There's a corridor that runs from Yakima to Moses Lake, looping down into the Tri Cities that is a MAJOR DISTRIBUTION AREA FOR NARCOTICS!  Much of the area is designated as a HIDTA(High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) by the DEA.  HEROIN, METH, COCAINE AND OTHER ILLEGAL DRUGS are brought to this area by lines of distribution originating from MEXICAN CARTELS!  There are few, if any, savvy law enforcement officers that will argue that the Mexican Cartels don't have members living here.

Many of the Gangs in the area made up primarily of first generation immigrants that came across the border with their parents... These gangs have made cities like Sunnyside, Mabton, Granger and other small cities in your district unattractive to live in.  Lots of people that lived in such cities have moved away because of the gangs and the drugs...

​MANY will say that these crops wouldn't get harvested if it wasn't for the illegal alien population.  AND where do I come off talking about such matters?  Well, when I was in school at Sunnyside, a good percentage of the school cut asparagus.  I also picked cherries, thinned and picked apples, hoed weeds and for the four years while at WSU I bailed hops each summer....Plus there are a number of LEGAL immigrants who have complained that THEIR jobs were being replaced by illegal aliens because the contractors who supply them can pay much less!

So, Congressman Newhouse, how about doing something major about these problems?  It may be unsavory for you to push the enforcement of immigration laws but it'll hopefully make for safer communities for their residents!

Bob Wilson,
U.S. Border Patrol, (RET)
Richland, WA