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​Memorial Day

A day to remember those who have been willing to sacrifice everything to keep our nation safe—and especially for those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

We must honor the ultimate sacrifice of those who have died protecting our country in the military services to keep the United States of America a great country.  It is a good and necessary event to take a few moments to reflect on their ultimate sacrifice.

But there are so many more that need to be recognized:

  • Those who have returned from service medically or emotionally injured—whether they returned with lost limbs, horrific scars or even Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome which strikes so many.  These heroes need to be recognized and given our salute (and more) for they have sacrificed nearly as much as those who died.  Their lives will never be the same and many will be unable to “survive” in what we call normal life.
  • The spouses, sons and daughters, parents, brothers and sisters of those who have served and either didn’t return or returned dramatically changed.
    • They must continue their lives with the loss of a loved one and sometimes with the belief that no one cares. They are as much a part of our walking wounded as the soldiers are.  Imagine YOUR 18 year old son being killed or maimed in some distant land…It is impossible to even comprehend for those of us lucky enough to have not experienced this.

WE as a society must also remember our civilian law enforcement, who wear a uniform every day and risk their lives and their mental well-being to protect us from the criminals and predators that lurk only a few houses away.  These are as much heroes as those who serve in the military yet, often they are vilified, denigrated and condemned for doing a job that WE PAY them to do!  Just like in the military, many will be unable to cope with the stress of the jobs they coveted.  A Police Officer, a Sheriff’s Deputy, a Federal Agent, or, as I was, a Border Patrol Agent, feel ostracized from their community as a whole.  This is a sad state but it is progressively becoming an “us versus them” philosophy as so many officers are “tried” on public forums without much of the evidence available.  

   My suggestion to you: The next time you are in a restaurant, an airport or wherever, take a moment and say ‘thank you’ to a member of the armed forces or a local law enforcement officer.  If your finances allow, buy them a lunch or a dinner or even a beer.   That small gesture, from a thank you to a meal, will go a long way to make those who serve able to cope just a little bit better.  

For THOSE THAT SERVE, I personally say, Thank you for all you do!